Redfern Barton has built a reputation of completing challenging assignments where others have failed.  Its broad network enables access to specialist markets and exceptional talent which does not necessarily court the limelight. 

The success of our business relies on the following key attributes:

Tenacity - Redfern Barton is still a relatively new business with a driven team.  Success is critical and its passion is unparalleled.

Judgement - The team's years of experience headhunting at board and the senior executive level has honed its judgement of candidates and their potential.

Diligence - It is fastidious about ensuring that it has identified the highest quality candidates to meet its clients' needs and mitigates risk through extensive reference and psychometric testing where required.

Agility - Redfern Barton is a small business, unconstrained by tradition. It can tailor its offering to meet its clients' preferences.

Honesty - Timely, constructive and candid feedback is always provided to clients and candidates alike.